We can combine multiple Assistants to form a team and tackle tasks as a cohesive unit.

Here’s an example:

from phi.assistant import Assistant
from phi.tools.hackernews import HackerNews

story_researcher = Assistant(
    name="HackerNews Story Researcher",
    role="Researches hackernews stories and users.",
user_researcher = Assistant(
    name="HackerNews User Researcher",
    role="Reads articles from URLs.",

hn_assistant = Assistant(
    name="Hackernews Team",
    team=[story_researcher, user_researcher],
    # debug_mode=True,
    "Write a report about the users with the top 2 stories on hackernews",

How to build Assistant Teams

  1. Add a role parameter to the team-member Assistants.
  2. Create a Team Leader that can delegate tasks to team-members.
  3. Use your Assistant team just like you would use a regular Assistant.

Checkout the teams cookbook for more examples of Assistant Teams.

Open-ended Assistant teams are great to play with, but are not reliable for real-world problems. They need constant oversight and can run in loops if not monitored. This drawback should improve as models get better (eagerly waiting for GPT5).