One of our favorite LLM features is generating structured data (i.e. a pydantic model) from text. Use this feature to extract features, generate movie scripts, produce fake data etc.


Let’s create an Movie Assistant to write a MovieScript for us.
from typing import List
from pydantic import BaseModel, Field
from rich.pretty import pprint
from phi.assistant import Assistant

class MovieScript(BaseModel):
    setting: str = Field(..., description="Provide a nice setting for a blockbuster movie.")
    ending: str = Field(..., description="Ending of the movie. If not available, provide a happy ending.")
    genre: str = Field(..., description="Genre of the movie. If not available, select action, thriller or romantic comedy.")
    name: str = Field(..., description="Give a name to this movie")
    characters: List[str] = Field(..., description="Name of characters for this movie.")
    storyline: str = Field(..., description="3 sentence storyline for the movie. Make it exciting!")

movie_assistant = Assistant(
    description="You help write movie scripts.",

pprint("New York"))

The output is an object of the MovieScript class, here’s how it looks:

│   setting='A bustling and vibrant New York City',
│   ending='The protagonist saves the city and reconciles with their estranged family.',
│   genre='action',
│   name='City Pulse',
│   characters=['Alex Mercer', 'Nina Castillo', 'Detective Mike Johnson'],
│   storyline='In the heart of New York City, a former cop turned vigilante, Alex Mercer, teams up with a street-smart activist, Nina Castillo, to take down a corrupt political figure who threatens to destroy the city. As they navigate through the intricate web of power and deception, they uncover shocking truths that push them to the brink of their abilities. With time running out, they must race against the clock to save New York and confront their own demons.'